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>> Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Oh my, as a MOTHER/WIFE we have such an important job to do in building up our home! Of course, providing for the physical needs of our family is one of the ways we take care of our home, but everything we do will either build it up or tear it down. We will either be making happy memories or sad ones. That is a huge responsibility! I listed some of the ways we can build up our home for the good of our family, here are just a few: Say grace before every meal and prayers at bedtime….be encouraging…nurturing…speak with kindness…be forgiving…say you’re sorry…show appreciation…

Keep seasonal traditions alive and fun…creating time for family togetherness…cherish each moment…give your children a sense of belonging…laugh a lot…count your blessings and be joyful about them. be creative, make do with what you have…..create a “Happy Home Atmosphere”….take care of your house…keep it tidy and in emotionally available to your hubby and kids…give out lots of hugs and back rubs…

Love your hubby, tell him he is your hero, let him know you adore him and appreciate him…..Keep your faith strong together......use your womanly touch to bring beauty into your home….keep your home pure and wholesome…guard what comes into your home via the Internet, books, T.V., movies, video games, music… fill it with goodness… honor… honesty…. perseverance … compassion for those in need… Make choices for the good of your family even if it means saying “no” to your children and outside requests…prepare and plan ahead …stay balanced and keep God first.

Then I thought about the things that would tear down the home, here are just a few: anger…selfishness…neglect… constant complaining …. bickering…bitterness… resentment… ridicule… self-pity …carelessness…substance abuse (any kind of abuse)… unhealthy lifestyle … infidelity…discontentment…lack of morals….laziness…putting other things before Family…foul language… speech that does not honor your family….taking blessings for granted…a dirty environment…disrespect…lack of appreciation…being emotionally unavailable…not showing affection…being too busy to care for home and family…unwholesome movies, Internet sites, books, music, video games…. overspending….envy…gossip…disregarding God’s Word…not being thankful for what you have…just to name a few.


Enjoy Ladies

>> Friday, August 7, 2009

See you on Monday Ladies......enjoy your weekend!


Let me REMIND you!

>> Thursday, August 6, 2009

So I just adore what people may call either a "Bulletin Board","Post-It Board",Cork Board", "Message Board", but I love the term "Memory Board".

There are many different reason why people use "Memory Boards".

I use a Memory Board in my daughter's room where I have created a colouage of the cute art work that she has created in school!

It also makes my daughter feel speical that the art work she has done is very SPECIAL to MOMMY!

Here are a few cute ideas that may inspire you to create your own one day!


The room of the week!

>> Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Love this eclectic dining room! Beveled silver mirror, crystal glass chandelier, glass top modern dining table, modern white plastic dining chairs and espresso wood floors finish this lovely space. White paint wall color! This dining room is so fresh, clean and modern.

"What an inspiration" ~ A white silver dining room.

Just my style!


Sushi Lover in ME!

>> Thursday, July 23, 2009

Japanese food, especially sushi, has evolved here in North America and has gained its own style. New ingredients that would be unheard of in Japan 10-15 years ago are very common at our sushi bars now. With this new age of evolved foods and styles, it can be difficult to grasp the rules of sushi etiquette, however as long as you respect the people around you, you should not worry about what to do and what not to do. You should enjoy yourself at a sushi bar and NOT feel intimidated. I have found that if you respect normal western dinning etiquette there should be no problem.

List of the most important etiquette at a sushi bar:
~ Never "whittle" your chopsticks.
~ Dipping sauce mixing: Adding a touch of flavor, NOT immersing every grain of rice.
~ Only use sauce on the fish part of your sushi, not the rice
~ All you can eat: Eat all the food that is ordered, it is bad manners to waste food.
~ It is generally considered best form to eat sushi in one bite
~ Sushi is finger food
~ Learn a few Japanese phrases
~ Don’t ask for a knife: your fingers or chopsticks are all the tools you will need.

Know a little bit about the sushi you are going to be eating:
~ Nigiri sushi is fish or roe over balls of rice
~ Maki sushi are rolls of sushi
~ Temaki is a hand roll of sushi
~ Sashimi is raw fish with no rice

Just remember relax, ask questions, and enjoy the food!

Sushi is not always about FISH. Sushi has a very common design theme, and I’ve been finding quite a few treats that have been modeled after this popular dish

What about a piece of sushi candy for dessert? Swedish Fish, a type of gummi chewy candy shaped like fish, is wrapped up with a donut segment by a fruit-tape. Mmm, yum!

It may be hard to believe, but what you you see are really pieces of dark chocolate and rice cookies, which have been carefully moulded and presented by Suedy’s Koo-Ki Sushi. What really amazes me is the realism, and the amount of detail put in to each one. You can hardly tell them apart from the real thing!

Feast your eyes on this! A mouth watering, vegetarian sushi cake, that has been made to perfection. Zoë Lukas is the baker behind all this, combining her great talents for art and baking to create delightful and tasty concoctions.

This cake is made from spiced ginger and iced with cream cheese. Sugar paste was used to create the lovely details (chopsticks, soy sauce bowl, asparagus, sugar snap pea pod, flowers), as well as fondant (nori, bamboo edging, wasabi, pickled ginger). Sushi has never looked so good.


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